Frequently asked questions

Traveling is one of the best ways to see the world. Vacations to Spain will allow you to discover landscapes, live new experiences, learn about other cultures, and subscribe to the Spanish outlook of enjoying life. We always look for destinations and activities that allow our customers to enjoy the experience from start to finish.

What is Trip 2 Spain?

We are a travel agency that specifically focuses on vacations to Spain. We focus on offering the best travel proposals with the highest quality guarantee, and we are by your side before, during and after the trip. We have traveled thousands of miles throughout Spain so that we can create a vacation that is just as you imagined.

How did Trip 2 Spain come about?

We were born with the aim of offering trips to Spain that truly showcase the most authentic characteristics of the country. As Spanish citizens, we wanted the beauty of our country to be represented in a special way. After years of working in tourism, we thought it was time to offer trips to the real Spain.

What type of trip can I find?

There are basically two services that can be contracted with Trip2Spain:

combined trips – organization and sale of tourist packages, which aim to be the best Spanish vacations and can be personalized

group and individualized services – organization of travel which include seat reservations in all kinds of means of transport or accommodation and services of tourist companies

Are the Trip 2 Spain travel packages typical agency trips?

We want our programs to be wonderful experiences in which to have fun and discover new things you may not have know about Spain, making our vacations unforgettable. We want nothing in our programs to be typical

What guarantees does Trip 2 Spain have?

In legal terms Trip 2 Spain complies with all administrative requirements: travel agency license and surety insurance. In addition, Trip 2 Spain has voluntarily assumed high levels of ethical commitment and responsibility, obtaining the distinctive seal of Confianza Online that offers you the best guarantees of transparency and credibility on the Internet.

Is there a physical office for Trip 2 Spain?

Our company works 99% online. If you consider it necessary or prefer a «face-to-face» meeting, we will be delighted to welcome you and assist you personally at our offices in Miami. All meetings must be scheduled by appointment.

Is it more expensive to travel with Trip 2 Spain?

Our main objective is not to offer cheap trips but quality vacations. We focus on small groups, with professional guides, and private transfers. On the other hand, due to our high volume of passengers, we can offer exclusive agreements that allow us to market vacation programs at the best price.

Do we only offer group travel packages?

No. We offer the product you need on your vacation to Spain. This means that you can join one of our programs or hire an ad hoc trip to vacation privately.

How far in advance can I book my trip?

There is no limit! You could book our programs whenever there is availability, although we recommend as far in advance as possible to avoid possible supplements. Depending on the destination, availability could be very limited.

Does the information published on the website have contractual value?

We guarantee that the published travel programs offer reliable and truthful information about our trips. However the price that is shown on the programs page is an estimate and is subject to change.

What are the general conditions for travel reservations?

Please consult the general conditions published on our website.

Is it possible to give as a gift to my friends/relatives who are going on a trip for children?

It will be a pleasure for us to help you gift a vacation to a family member or friends. Contact our sales team on 305-718-3487, by mail or through the contact form

How can I receive information about Trip 2 Spain’s new trips and activities?

We suggest you join our newsletter through which you can learn all about our upcoming offers and news.

Why these specific destinations and dates?

We try to respect school and work calendars as much as possible, offering our programs on probable family vacation dates. We choose destinations offering the best experiences.

What is the procedure to book my trip?

To be able to process the booking request, the customer should select the program which will then begin the consultation process. The necessary information must be provided, such as the service and personal data such as number of passengers, names, telephone numbers, emails, ages, etc. … Remember that we will be happy to help you throughout this process and our team of experts is just one email or call away. Soon after you will receive an email with all the information regarding the contracted program, which must always include a specific locator for your trip. In this email you will find all the information on the applicable regulations and interesting details. We will ask you to pay a certain amount based on the date of departure and the total amount of the contracted trip, thus guaranteeing your reservation locator.

How much do I have to pay at the time of making the reservation?

As a general rule, we will ask you for 15% of the total amount, although the act of registering for the trip and the reservation consideration require that the client has paid a deposit of between 15 and 40% of the total amount budgeted, depending on the advance payment.

When and how should I pay the rest of the reservation of a trip?

The remaining amount must be made 21 days before the date of departure. If the total price of the trip is not paid under the indicated conditions, it will be understood that the consumer withdraws from the requested trip. Again this payment can be made by transfer or credit card

Do you accept credit card?

If you prefer, you can pay the amount of your deposit or trip by credit card, in a secure way, by contacting commercial department by telephone. Cash and American Express cards are excluded

How is the travel documentation delivered?

Most of our products are confirmed electronically on our website, with the buyer receiving said documentation by email within 24 hours. For electronic reservations, tickets, vouchers, etc. They will be sent by email once the reservation has been made on our website, obviously free of charge. Occasionally, if the trip requires physical documentation, we will send you the documentation via a courier company.

What information is needed to make a reservation?

To confirm reservation, we need the personal data of the participants: name, surnames, ID, date of birth, postal address, mobile and possibly the most important of all is the email. Please indicate an email address to which you will receive all the information for your trip, as well as your reservation and access to any modifications that you would like. Attention! In the event that your trip includes flights or other similar services, it is very important to write the names and surnames as they appear on the passport or ID. Any modification or cancellation would entail a penalty of up to 100% of the amount. You cannot use nicknames since if you use them you may have problems when boarding with the airline, the passport or ID will be the supporting document that will be requested.