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The fundamental rights of the users of are based on receiving understandable, unequivocal, rational, truthful and prior to contracting information about the services offered, as well as about the complete final price, including taxes, breaking down, where appropriate, the amount of the increases or discounts that are applicable to the offer. There is a right to obtain the documents that certify the terms of the contract. Be unequivocally informed of services that pose some difficulty and of the security measures adopted. Receive an invoice or ticket with the content provided for in the current regulations of the price paid for the tourist service provided. Complaints and claims can be made and information about the filing procedure and its treatment can be obtained. There is the possibility of resorting to a tourism mediation system through mechanisms of an arbitral nature. Finally, information will be received on the conditions of accessibility of resources, services and tourist infrastructures in an extensive manner. Great Trip 2 Spain from America